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N. 4011, Farahan, Ferahan (Sultanabad) ANTIQUE (late XIX century) - Iran

Size: cm 512 x cm 240 = 12,29 m2

Workmanship: hand knotted on a vertical loom with asymmetric knots.

Density of the knots: 35 Raj (rows of knots) in 7 cm., 250,000 in a square metre.

Thickness: 5 mm.

Border: rounded..

Quality: ANTIQUE, rare example.

Materials: warp cotton; weave cotton; knots; natural wool.

Design: floral, without central medallion, decorated as a flowered field with the Herati motif (a central rosette with two leaves), border with two inner frames also decorated with the tulip design in the centre and two bunches of flowers along the sides. (Laleh va Daste Gol Ha)

Colours: ground: dark blue, central band and border; other colours: ivory, turquoise, dark and light blue, green, rust, light brown and hazel.

Restoration: restoration work; careful moth-proofing washing; repair of the double knot chains on the fringe ends using old cotton; renewal of the selvedges on the two edges using old wool. All the restoration work was carried out by highly skilled Iranian personnel in 1979.

Dating: late XIX century.

Condition: good the rug is whole, without any restoration on the field and with even wear over the entire surface.

Private collection: Province of Rimini

Date of latest appraisal: 03/10/2015

Estimated value: 36,700.00

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Central medallion of the rug, shown hanging

Border of the rug, shown hanging

Spandrel of the rug, shown hanging

Spandrel of the rug, shown on the floor

Restoration of the border and the chain of the fringes

Knot count of the rug, shown on the floor

The rug shown hanging on the wall

Signed: Official Appraiser for the Court of Rimini* Hossein - Fayaz Torshizi

* - ruling of the Chamber of Commerce I. A. A. Pesaro dated November 19th 1981, position N. 21, category VI textiles, subcategory 29 national and international rugs and tapestries;
- ruling N. 346 dated July 11th 2003 Chamber of Commerce I. A. A. Rimini in conformity with the opinion of the Provincial Commission for the training of Appraisers and Experts (Record N. 2 dated 10.07.2003).
- May 20th 2015 the Provincial Commission for the training of Appraisers and Experts at the Court of Rimini admitted Hossein Fayaz Torshizi to the Register of Technical Consultants and Appraisers of National and International Rugs and Tapestries of the Court of Rimini. (Technical Consultant in civil matters and Appraiser in criminal proceedings). Registration number 195 dated 14.07.2015 ( ). See Profile Profilo).

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