Certificate of appraisal (Expertise) of persian rug Tabriz issued by Hossein Fayaz Torshizi


Chamber of Commerce Expert (Chamber of Commerce I. A. A. Rimini - Italy)
and Technical Consultant to the Court of Rimini - Rugs and Tapestries.

PERSIAN RUG TABRIZ, IRAN, designed by Ahmadpur and maked by Talai.

N. 4445
Origin: Tabriz (Iran).
Size: cm 302 x cm 195 = 5,89 m2.
Workmanship: hand knotted on a vertical loom with asymmetric knots.
Density of the knots: 50 Raj in one greh (7 cm), 490.000 knots in one square meter.
Thickness: 6 mm.
Border: rounded.
Quality: Fine workmanship with compact and dense knots.
Design: floral, central medallion eight-pointed oval-shaped medallion with cantonal flower-shaped amphora. The central border is decorated with the motif "flower vases".
Colours: ground: green bottle, border: coral. Other colors: ivory, yellow gold, mustard, pink, hazelnut, golden brown, green pistachio, gray and turquoise.
Materials warp: silk, weave: silk, texture: knots fine wool and natural silk in 7 colors.
Dating: about 2000.
Signatures: designre Ahmadpur, builder Talai.
Condition: great (not used).
Private collection: Province of Rimini, Italy
Date of latest appraisal: 29/09/2017
Stimated value euro: 14.800,00

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Depending on the angle at which you look at the carpet, in the opposite direction you may feel the colors differently.
Look at the examples below and the details of the carpet design.

By clicking on the small photo then see the larger image of the particular of the carpet.

Lying on its face.

Stretched out for its against it.

Central medallion.

Rug's cantonal.

Rug's border

Count knots & signatures.


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